I have been try to get the N95 to connect to my corporate wireless network. I think that everything is configured properly. However, each time I go to web browsing, I get "wlan: eap-peap authentication failed"

We did a trace on the network side to see successful authentication when WPA/WPA2 is selected. When we select 802.1X we however the phone showed only authentication failed.

The configuration is EAP-PEAP/MSCHAPv2, I have the username entered and prompt password selected - I have not seen the password prompt appear.

WLAN Security Settings:
  • WPA/WPA2 - EAP

EAP Plugin Settings

  • Personal Certificate - not defined
  • Authority Certificate - not defined
  • User Name - user defined
  • Realm In Use -user defined

  • Allow PEAPv0 - Yes
  • Allow PEAPv1 - Yes
  • Allow PEAPv2 - No

  • User Name - ****
  • Prompt Password - Yes
  • Password - ****