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    Nokia E90 / s60 3rd os and apps Bug report + feature equests

    Symbian s60 3rd bug reports:
    - One important usage of the e90 for me and our ISP-customers is recieving mails per IMAP as "pushed" mails on a IMAP4 idle server (Cyrus 2.2) - that works not after connection breakes. I have to connect by hand from email client to open IMAP connections again.

    Email (IMAP4) with "Auto Akt & Auto recieve" is not reconnecting IMAP accounts, so no email push (IMAP rfc IDLE) is working all times. IMAP
    does not auto connect/reconnect if GPRS/3G breaks. To use email IMAP as "push email" the IMAP client has to connect / auto reconnect everytime the defined IP connection is available.

    - inbound calls are not possible in some cells (T-Mobile Germany) - most when "E" is shown and during move between cells (by car) under antenna symbol ("Netzwerkfehler" or "Verbindung getrennt" in german). - especially when IP connections are up and used or used shortly before. Outbound calls can reach the phone. After device reboot it works fine. Seems some network options are not shared/handshaked well.

    - VoIP / SIP is not autom. reconnecting if WLAN connectivity is back / available. Often i have to open the "internet phone" menu to get the SIP-connection/registration "refreshed" back working when WLAN is available again. Reboot of the device works too. Sometimes the device didnt reconnect to the again available WLAN without my interaction per hand.WLAN is 802.11b/g with WP2A TKIP - SIP registrar is sipgate.de.

    - Device sometimes reboot byself under WLAN and packet networking (in standby opeeration) sporadically - no more reason known here.

    - Device shows "Speicher voll" (memory full) when tryto open browser (64 MB RAM is shown as free) even when all apps closed by hand.

    - Web browser has problems with POST requests on some websites / forms (reproducable on "forum nokia login" with "remember me" set...) - no or incomplete POST request is send by push submit buttons or submit images - no new page is displayed or the page is wrong. This makes a lot of important websites (symbian webserver registr. Mymobilesite, nokia forum, symbian devel forum, ICQ) still unusable - May be a javascript issue..

    - Some tasks/apps couldnt killed by DEL or otherwise-(hangs) - not possible to kill them hardly

    - No "phone call" menu option in saved SMS (in personal message folders)

    - Device sometimes reboot during usage of standard apps (with slow darkening screen - without any message)

    symbian s60 3rd feature requests:
    - new browser window (browser tab) - like on n9500
    - easier / faster window change / select (currently somewhere in a 2nd level menu) - may be better placed in the forward/back dialog
    - load images in website by button (CTRL+I on 9500)
    - possible "save link to file" - it is not possible to save any kind of file from web (when webserver and/or does not support the mime format - i.e. .sis files from such webservers)

    - send files by bluetooth, IR, email ...

    - under IMAP:
    * autom. Reconnect to IMAP server after connection break or change (as configured), currently the imap client doesnt reconnect to postbox after WIFI or GPRS/3G connection interrupts
    * optional config IMAP storage folder for sent messages (Gesendet)
    * optional config IMAP storage email drafts
    - save attachements as file(s)
    - print attachements (viewer)
    - send files by bluetooth, IR, email...
    - use X509 chained CA certs in email too (i.e. to prevent message dialogs on auto reconnect in IMAP idled connections)
    - store contacts, calendar etc. as ical/vcal, vcard on IMAP Folders (PIM Groupware functionality)

    - choose date by calendar sheet (not only direct input of dates)
    - flexible reminder (like 9500)

    - change /use different database-files
    - search by company (search config)
    - profiling (call black/whitelisting, tone by contact)
    - save the image from contact / vcard image to file

    - call recording
    - answering machine
    - play wave file at call reject by hand

    Notes / active notes:
    - here is no print function?

    - print function in many apps not available (viewers like text viewer, email attachements)
    - use cam light as spot/pocketlight
    - option to close / (hard) kill tasks even when hanging (zombies etc.) - some external java apps seems sometimes to hang and the device must be restarted to remove their process from memory

    SIP client:
    - optionally provide webcam streaming (video calls)
    - provide SIP chat
    - provide SIP by any IP (3G) - not wlan only
    - SIP redirection, reflection, (SIP standard)
    - provide user/register status (available/online, away..)
    - provide compressions
    - provide encryption and/or signing, authentication (TLS / SSL / x509) - i.e. As extension software pack (some countries doesnt allows hard encr.)
    - DTMF signalings?

    Media player:
    - ogg support
    - theora support

    Many thanks for your time.

    please feel free to contact me for further details or more test results.

    Best regards,

    Niels Dettenbach

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    Re: Nokia E90 / s60 3rd os and apps Bug report + feature equests

    Dear forum users and nokia devels,

    as i use my new e90 for my daily things - mostly for IP services only - im expect, as a former long time 9500 user - a proven and reliable phone and network device for me and my customers. To reach this for the E90 as we know it from the "proven" 9500 nokia has to do some more work in the next i assume. May be the most current E90 users are more focussing on phone functions then IP networking services then me so them didn't got such problems as i describe...

    I hope my first posting is not to much off topic here - i didn't found a better contact and i assume the nokia peoples are sometimes around here too.

    May be here are other "users" with the same or better - their own - problems or ideas around. You are welcome to add your requests and ideas here too.

    Many thanks for your time,
    Many wishes for christmas and good luck for the new year 2008 to all of you,

    Niels Dettenbach

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    Re: Nokia E90 / s60 3rd os and apps Bug report + feature equests

    Thanks for the thorough report and request list. I'll pass this to people in the S60 organization

    best regards

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