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    Launching the MIT3.1 Toolkit simulators from the command-line

    I want to launch the simulators that are available with the 3.1 Toolkit from the command-line and pass it a URL to which to connect to. When I type the <emulator_name>.exe file on the cmd prompt, nothing happens. I am able to launch them only from the Toolkit by doing a Select Device. I could not find anything in the docs about this. If someone knows a way of launching these simulators directly from the command-line please reply. Also if that is possible, then is there a way to pass the address to connect to as a command-line argument to the executable ?


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    RE: Launching the MIT3.1 Toolkit simulators from the command-line

    The only simulator that you can use as a stand-alone right now is the 7210. Otherwise, they must be launched via the toolkit. However, the toolkit user's guide does tell you how to launch the toolkit from a command line with a file argument. It should load the file in whatever simulator you used last.

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