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    What happened after Send DTMF tone??


    Anybody knows that what happened after sending Send DTMF Tone???

    Means we listen its tone if yes that which time we listen before ringing or after ringing???

    please if anybody have a knowledge related to DTMF than please tell me related to DTMF tone that how does it work?

    tell me only in real time way concept and theoretically. i not need to code.

    please help me.


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    Re: What happened after Send DTMF tone??

    The DTMF tones are used basically for the IVRS kind of services where the integrated system decode the specific frequency tones (coming from the remote party)into the commands.Thus, DTMF tones work only during "in-call"
    state when the call is in connected state.
    This is just the rough overview of what DTMF tones do.If you want to know how do they work and how it is interpretated then may be u can google it.
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