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    Re-Installation Issue with console exe

    Hi All,

    I am an S60 developer. I have an application composed of 2 UI based modules and a Console Based EXE. I have been able to uninstall and install my application. But I have observed that if I try to re-install on an already existing package, the installer progress bar come upto the end and flashes " Unable to Install!". I have found out that my console based exe is the culprit.Without this console exe my application re-installs as many times as desired.Console is causing some trouble during the reinstall as per my analysis.

    Like a usual console exe, my console creates its own scheduler and few active objects. I have using resources like RArray, RPointerArray etc in my console code. I am not handling the Shut down events etc. One more observation is that my main class destructor is not invoked on re-install(Is that causing some unfreed resources ?). I want information if I need to handle such events and also if anyone else experience this trouble with console based exes ?

    I am eagerly waiting for a solution as my deadline is fast approaching.

    I would be grateful if any of you could show me some pointers to solve this issue.


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    Re: Re-Installation Issue with console exe

    guess its clash of uid buddy ...just chk tht out

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    Re: Re-Installation Issue with console exe

    But why is it not happening with UIbased modules? Its only seen with console exe ?

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    Re: Re-Installation Issue with console exe

    Can it happen that your console-executable is already installed via a separate sis file (although that would rather be an Update error...)?

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