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    Connect a MCU with Nokia mobile phone via USB

    I currently have a Java midlet that can receive data via the USB cable using serial com.
    Can I connect a MCU to the mobile phone (Nokia E65) via USB cable and send data serially from the MCU to the mobile phone?

    I checked with some 8051 MCU forumers but they seem to think it is not possible.
    If that is not possible, a solution would be to use a Nokia mobile phone that has USB OTG (On-The-Go). But I'm not too sure if these mobile phones can actually become USB hosts as although it is stated theoretically to be able to do so. As far as I know, the models that have USB OTG are the 8800 and 7900.
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    Re: Connect a MCU with Nokia mobile phone via USB


    Have you succeeded ?If yes , please show to the community your results.

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