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    Trying to sign a JAR results in an invalid dito


    I'm having a hard time trying to sign an application. I have installed my private certificate, which I created using keytool, on my Nokia N95. I have signed the JAR file using the jarsigner utility. I have updated the JAR size in the JAD file and added the signature to the JAD file using JadTool.jar. However, when I try to install using the JAD file, the phone tells me that the application is unsecure. Should it really say that when it has been signed? However, when I continue and have selected to install to phone memory, I get the message that the JAR file is invalid. What could I have done wrong?

    By the way, I have read that I should set "Install applications" to "yes" under Certificate Management for the certificate I created. But there's no such setting on my phone. I have changed the settings for the certificate so that Internet is set to yes and Check online is also set to yes. That's all I can set...

    /David R.

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    Re: Trying to sign a JAR results in an invalid dito

    Please, please, search these boards or check the Forum Nokia Wiki before asking questions (which have been asked many times before...).
    You cannot install your own certificate for MIDlet signing on the N95 (nor in general on other phones either).


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