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    Add a control (e.g. button) programmatically


    yeah its me again, i know this sucks but please help

    i want to add a button programmatically to my view. i do this for example in the HandleCommandL() method is with this code:

    //ETestButtonCtrl is a button that is defined in the resource file
    CEikTextButton* button = LocateControlByUniqueHandle<CEikTextButton>(ETestButtonCtrl);
    //now i want to add a button to the parent of ETestButtonCtrl
    MCoeLayoutManager* l = button->LayoutManager();
    //i create my button and add it to container control
    CEikTextButton* b = new CEikTextButton();
    //set needed stuff and format
    _LIT(buttonText,"Click My Button");
    //now draw it
    The problem is that the button is not displayed after this code is executed (note theres not panic code so the code should be ok from my perspective). Can anyone please tell me why the button is not displayed? I'm pretty sure i forgot something.

    Thx in advance for helping.
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    Re: Add a control (e.g. button) programmatically

    The methods LocateControlByUniqueHandle, AddControlLC, etc. do not exist on S60 (they are UIQ-specific I think, Avkon Views work in a different way with a lower level support), so they will not sound familiar to most developers here.
    Normally you can get usable (for UIQ too) answers to generic Symbian-related questions here, but UIQ-only features are better discussed on developer.uiq.com.

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    Re: Add a control (e.g. button) programmatically

    yeah thats right but the dev.uiq was offline yesterday so i thought "ok its basic stuff, those s60 people can answer this too" ;)

    ok, i posted this question in dev.uiq, lets see if somebody can help.


    i think the problem is a refresh that is missing. if i use this code in ViewConstructL of my view it adds the button and button is rendered correctly.

    now the question is: how can i refresh the layout manager? i cannt find a way to retrieve a reference to the current used layout manager, theres only a SetLayoutManagerL() function but no Get...().

    thx for helping.
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