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    Problem running S60 Internet Radio Application on 3rd edition MR emulator


    I have a problem running S60 Internet Radio Application on 3rd edition MR emulator: it seems that no plugin can be found:

    Here's the original code from http://opensource.nokia.com/projects...lientPage.html
    void AppUi::GetPlugins()
    	TAny *impl;  // pointer to interface implementation
    	TUid implementationUid;
    	RImplInfoPtrArray infoArray;
    //	TRAPD(err,
    		REComSession::ListImplementationsL(TUid::Uid(KInternetRadioAdapterInterfaceUid), infoArray);
    		for ( TInt i = 0; i < infoArray.Count(); i++ )
    			implementationUid = infoArray[i]->ImplementationUid();
    			impl = REComSession::CreateImplementationL(implementationUid, _FOFF(CPluginAdapter,iDestructorIDKey), this);
    			if ( impl )
    What can I do so I can find an implementation of that plugin also on emulator?

    It works fine on my N73, but I cannot debug on emulator....


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    Re: Problem running S60 Internet Radio Application on 3rd edition MR emulator

    its quite common that emulator environment is missing plug-ins or hardware related stuff, nothing to do with it really, unless you can somehow implement them yourself, so just comment those options out from emulator builds, and if you need to debug it, you need to do the debugging in the real device.

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