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    Memory leaks upon Flash Light player exit?

    Hi all,
    Has anyone (like me) noticed memory leaks on Flash Lite Player exit?
    I have notted them 6 months now but I thought it may be some problem on the emulator of the S60 v9.1 SDK


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    Re: Memory leaks upon Flash Light player exit?

    I had some problems, but they went away when I installed the 3.2 Beta SDK (since it does not support Flash Lite at all ;o)

    Does it only happen in the SDK?
    Can you give a bit more details?

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    Re: Memory leaks upon Flash Light player exit?


    It's more likely that some part of the network/multimedia stack in WINSCW is leaking memory instead of Flash Lite. It would be interesting if you could work out the component involved in the leak.

    Mark Doherty
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