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    Starting Flash Lite swf with an SMS


    I'm just starting to work with Flash lite and I'm looking into all possibilities of flash lite.

    I wanted to use a Flash Lite application to have a more fancy reader for our SMS info services. Unfortunately it turned out that I can not read an SMS with flash lite

    It is possible to pass parameters to the falsh application by appending ?varname=... to the swf file. Is it possible to open an installed flash file from a link within a SMS or MMS?

    e.g. SMS with: Please use file://myflash.swf?varname=test

    I tried adding a swf file to an MMS. I can open the object with my E90 but is there a way to add ?varname=... ?

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    Re: Starting Flash Lite swf with an SMS


    you can use the Flyer Framework to read SMS messages for you.
    i've been working to release the newest beta 2 at the end of this month .
    you can found more info at http://www.flyerframework.org/

    you can also use the Jarpa Framework to read SMS messages and send them to a Flash Lite application.

    Another possibility to open an installed Flash Lite Application is using the Java ME Push Registry API (JSR 118) together with the Jarpa Framework. I've been playing with this at my free time


    I hope this help
    Felipe Andrade

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