Hi all,
I am developping a mobile/web platform to share videos and view videos. For the mobile side, I use 3gp streaming with darwin server (videos encoded with ffmeg and hinted with MP4Box).
However I get problems when streaming the videos on mobiles. Within flash lite 2 on a nokia N73, the video will not play. The videos will play with some SEMC phones when typing in the link directly but will not play if the link is tapped from the browser (there is a mobile web page for people without flash lite).

I am streaming with Darwin on port 554 and I understand this might be the issue (I can't stream on port 80 cause I got a web server there).
I also realised that there might be issues with some operators and internet settings for streaming.

A couple of questions :
- Do you know of this type of problem and potential solutions?
- did anybody get 3gp streaming working on a n73
- Can you try to stream a video here : rtsp:// or rtsp://
- Can you try to access www.kaskado.com/video/mobi and play the videos which are there? (I managed to get this working on a nokia 6280)

Any feedback on www.kaskado.com is also welcome The site is under construction still and the goal of it is to be very mobile oriented (doesn't show much yet but will ...).
You can download the mobile client also.

Best regards and thanks in advance.