I am getting the requests/popup for the time and date to be reset, once my Nokia N70 phone fully discharges & kept for a day.

I think internal system clock(Real Time Clock (RTC) ) works for a while ( around 12/24 hours) & then stops.

After fully discharging (or removing battery from the phone for a day) & if you start the phone by inserting the battery and/or connecting the charger (along with the battery) you will get set time popup message / request.

High priority applications such as (Phone app, SMS server etc.) will be loaded & no third party applications will be loaded until you set the time and date.

So is there any way to start third party application even if we get this popup message & without setting the time?

I don't want to set the time & date manually, instead programatically from my application.

I have integrated AutoStart(recognizer) project in my main project which starts the main application whenever the phone boots.

I tried setting Autorun project's to high priority & the thread (in which main application runs) to real-time priority.

Symbian OS v8.0a, Carbide C++, Nokia N70 & Nokia 6680 and Windows OS.

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