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    Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time


    First, my apologies for posting it in a different thread because the relevant thread is locked.

    I am implementing a VoIP Client on S60 platform.
    It has been a good learning experience but as well some really frustrating experience also.
    I think there are far too many roadblocks(mainly in terms of financial aspect) for an independent developer/small company to contribute and speed up innovation in S60.

    Now coming to the question
    How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time?
    I would like to comment on the major factors pertaining to the shortening of Application development time.
    I would like to take the example of implementing 3rd party VoIP Client Prototype(Demo Application) and issues surrounding it.

    I would like touch upon the two aspects:
    1. APIs
    2. Processes involved

    API Aspects:

    1. Any Platform Should PROVIDE those APIs which are fundamentally important to completeness of any commonly/mostly used functionality. It SHOULD enable rapidly developing prototypes of the desired functionality.
    In case of VoIP Client, basic functionality can be listed as: 1)Making a Call 2)Ending a Call 3)Answering an Incoming Call 4)Modifying a Call.
    While APIs are available for 1), 2) and 4) whereas for 3) it is NOT available.
    Hence, APIs for implementing VoIP Client functionality is Incomplete. It becomes very difficult for getting a demo application/prototype up which I think is a major turnoff. Still there is NOT MUCH information on this aspect. I think it is a bad idea if one has to pay just to get information on how to get Notification for VoIP Call. The reason I say this is really a problem because 3rd party can get full control of GSM Call(outgoing/incoming/ending/modifying) whereas that freedom is NOT present for VoIP Call(especially incoming call).

    2.The APIs needed for full-blown functionality CAN be made EXCLUSIVE.
    ======> In case of VoIP Client, Extended functionality can be listed as
    -> Integration of 3rd party VoIP client UI with the Contacts application
    -> Capturing key-events while dialling (at Home Screen, I am unsure whether it is possible right now)
    -> Customizing the Call Screen (when calls are going on) etc.,
    These kind of functionalities can be made Exclusive as these are not basic functionalities. These Exclusive functionalities could be hidden from public APIs (ideally though I would not wish)

    3.Information on how to use the APIs
    ====> Generally, the API documentation has been really good. Still, this can be improved for Extensions Plug-in APIs.

    ====> Generally, it is available, very extensive and very informative. I think apart from the Developer Community pool, this is one of the strongest point of S60 platform. The only problem I see over here is most of it are covered under Nokia Copyright. I would wish to post it as a different post as my experiences developing 3rd party VoIP Client.

    5.Implications of these APIs on the devices.
    ====> These are also known <=====

    <=========================== contd...

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    Re: Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time


    PROCESSES Involved

    6.API Partnering Request
    ====> The Fees is Euro 160. But prerequisite is 3rd party has to have Technical support request id. (which costs 145 Euros) (referred this link).
    So, total cost for just applying to API Partnering Request is Euro 305.
    Even if one is willing to spend the money, there is NO money guarantee in case of API Partnering Request rejection by the Cross Nokia API team.
    Even if taking into consideration all these things and one is willing to spend their money on this, there is NOT much guideline like say
    --> Pitfalls to avoid/Guidelines to follow to avoid API Partnering request Rejection.


    7.Technical Support
    ====> Cost: Euro 145
    I do not have Technical Support case. But, we have Launchpad Membership.
    In case of VoIP Client, most of the relevant information are available without going for Technical Support(except for Incoming Call notification).

    8.Cost involved
    Carbide C++ developer edition
    Technical Support
    API Partnering Request
    Symbian Signing: Certificate from Trusted Center is required for VoIP functionality. I also sincerely appreciate your efforts in improving the process significantly.
    Device: S60 device

    9. Launchpad Membership
    Benefits are listed in the below link:

    We did not spend much time on looking at the advantages closely.
    We misjudged Early access technical information benefit as Technical assistance.
    We implicitly assumed Technical support would be available with Launchpad membership which was wrong.

    According to my experience, the other advantages are really helpful in the longer run, but for getting a demo application up and running quickly, one does not need to spend on Launchpad membership right at the start. Instead one should spend on
    --> Technical Support
    --> Carbide Developer Edition copy
    --> API Partnering request if required.
    --> ACS Certificate from Trusted Center

    To have a Technical Support case as part of Launchpad membership.

    10.Empowering Independent Developers/Small Company.
    Enabling them to develop prototypes or demo applications rapidly with less cost.

    10.Knowledge Sharing could be strengthened.
    The infrastructure is in place and this can only further Improve from here.
    But still there are no direct answer available for the following simple question which I feel is really bad.

    I have tried sharing my little experience with working S60 platform.
    I strongly believe, if Nokia could attend to these kind of problems, S60 platform would be a much better platform for the developers, novice/experienced/experts to work on.

    Also, let me take this opportunity to appreciate Nokia Experts, Developer Community alike for their momentous efforts in working toward making S60 platform an ideal and best platform to work with.
    The feedback mechanism and acting on it (e.g. Symbian signed) itself shows S60 is on the Right track.

    Belated New Year wishes to Everyone...
    Hope to have a wonderful journey with S60 platform for a long time to come...


    PS: Wish to do a comparative analysis of developing/porting 3rd party VoIP Client on different platforms soon.

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    Re: Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time

    You may not know we now have a 3rd edition SDK plug that allows developers to use the Partnering API without having to buy an incident report and all that other factors to make it work. However, due to the fact that Nokia cannot make any binary compatibility promises with the licensed material we are not publicly promotng this option. If this is of interest to you to download this plug-in with no need to pay for a partnering request case in COSMOS. It can be downloaded after simple click-through licensing terms acceptance go to:

    I responded to your other message with this. I am sorry I didn't notice it earlier.


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    Re: Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time

    I want to thank you for taking the time to submit this information. There clearly is a lot of value in this and I'll draw attention to our team to this message.

    While the original thread was closed (it was there for a short term survey) we always welcomd feedback to Nokia.


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    Re: Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I had posted the previous query (which you answered)
    link1: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=123875
    because I could not get any answer for my previous queries (refer the link)
    link2: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=123788

    Please refer link1 for my additional comments about Incoming VoIP Call notification.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Re: Sorry for posting here: How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time

    Hi Vasu,
    I can see you've done thorough investigation and I can say we in Forum Nokia do the same. It is noticed that VoIP application development is challenging, it is also a sensitive area when talking about mobile phones where operator revenue plays a big role.

    What it comes to details, answering a call is possible but there are problems in overriding the built in VoIP client (as we have discussed in the VoIP forum). According to the info I have this will change in the upcoming SDK releases and devices based on those SDKs.

    What it comes to the service prices we have lowered the price of API partnering to 90 euros, so tech support + API case is around 250 euros now. I can promise that we're not making any money there, it's basicly charity work but we feel it's needed. We're trying to improve our services all the time so every feedback is valuable!

    I appreciate your activities here so much that I'm gonna give you the free technical support case you wanted (there could really be atleast one free case for launchpad members). Please drop me a private message with your Forum Nokia Pro user name and I'll give you the ticket. You've just one a Willie Wonka style golden ticket to our factory (sorry but it's code instead of chocolate)

    Hey if you're really doing competitor analysis let's see what we can do together, I'm sure we'd also be interested in the results.


    BTW Sorry for not catching this post before, I hang around more in the VoIP and C++ "hardcore" sections.

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