First, my apologies for posting it in a different thread because the relevant thread is locked.

I am implementing a VoIP Client on S60 platform.
It has been a good learning experience but as well some really frustrating experience also.
I think there are far too many roadblocks(mainly in terms of financial aspect) for an independent developer/small company to contribute and speed up innovation in S60.

Now coming to the question
How can Nokia shorten your Application Development time?
I would like to comment on the major factors pertaining to the shortening of Application development time.
I would like to take the example of implementing 3rd party VoIP Client Prototype(Demo Application) and issues surrounding it.

I would like touch upon the two aspects:
1. APIs
2. Processes involved

API Aspects:

1. Any Platform Should PROVIDE those APIs which are fundamentally important to completeness of any commonly/mostly used functionality. It SHOULD enable rapidly developing prototypes of the desired functionality.
In case of VoIP Client, basic functionality can be listed as: 1)Making a Call 2)Ending a Call 3)Answering an Incoming Call 4)Modifying a Call.
While APIs are available for 1), 2) and 4) whereas for 3) it is NOT available.
Hence, APIs for implementing VoIP Client functionality is Incomplete. It becomes very difficult for getting a demo application/prototype up which I think is a major turnoff. Still there is NOT MUCH information on this aspect. I think it is a bad idea if one has to pay just to get information on how to get Notification for VoIP Call. The reason I say this is really a problem because 3rd party can get full control of GSM Call(outgoing/incoming/ending/modifying) whereas that freedom is NOT present for VoIP Call(especially incoming call).

2.The APIs needed for full-blown functionality CAN be made EXCLUSIVE.
======> In case of VoIP Client, Extended functionality can be listed as
-> Integration of 3rd party VoIP client UI with the Contacts application
-> Capturing key-events while dialling (at Home Screen, I am unsure whether it is possible right now)
-> Customizing the Call Screen (when calls are going on) etc.,
These kind of functionalities can be made Exclusive as these are not basic functionalities. These Exclusive functionalities could be hidden from public APIs (ideally though I would not wish)

3.Information on how to use the APIs
====> Generally, the API documentation has been really good. Still, this can be improved for Extensions Plug-in APIs.

====> Generally, it is available, very extensive and very informative. I think apart from the Developer Community pool, this is one of the strongest point of S60 platform. The only problem I see over here is most of it are covered under Nokia Copyright. I would wish to post it as a different post as my experiences developing 3rd party VoIP Client.

5.Implications of these APIs on the devices.
====> These are also known <=====

<=========================== contd...