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    control/window visibility


    My app shows only the container(control) which draws something(eg. some lines) periodically. In HandleForegroundEvent(), if the app gets in background I stop the drawing process so that to save processor power.
    When in the foreground the app draws its stuff ok. The problem comes if the keypad is locked automatically, eg. when the slider is closed.
    The app gets a notification it is no more in foreground and does stop drawing.(so it seems the keylocker has a front window). But my main screen is still visible so I dont want to stop drawing in this situation , when the keypad is locked. The app is a simple one-main-container on the stack which draws in full screen. (not view).
    So, my question, how do I detect that my container/application has no focus but it is still visible ?
    CCoeContainer::IsVisible returns what MakeVisible has set, eg. ETrue. so, even the app is in background it retuns ETrue.
    IsFocused also is useless. If the keypad is locked IsFocused returns EFalse, which is ok, but the control is still visible on screen.

    thank you

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    Re: control/window visibility

    You can try tracking changes in focused window group (RWsSession::GetFocusWindowGroup - if you search for it, you will also get some idea about how to detect changes in general, but you can also use HandleForegroundEvent as a first try). Then you can use CApaWindowGroupName::AppUid to get the Uid of the focused application.
    If you are lucky, there can be some kind of a "keylock" application, and if it gets the focus immediately after your application, your application is probably still visible.

    If the HandleForegroundEvent-approach does not work, you can get some ideas from http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...ad.php?t=99603 for the RWsSession::EventReady-approach.

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    Re: control/window visibility

    I will give that a try although I hope to find a simpler solution.
    Thank you,

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