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    Unhappy softkeys not working

    Iv created a flashlite 2.0 application and have tested it on the Nokia 6300 emulator provided as an update for Macromedia Professional 8.

    The application operates correctly on the emulator but the left and right softkeys fail to operate when i test the application on the Nokia 6300 handset, and the default behaviours (falsh menu, and quit) run instead.

    Ive tried many ways to fix the problem, ive:

    *checked to make sure that the actionscript language is actionscript 2

    * added this code on the frames to remap the softkeys:

    fscommand2("setsoftkeys", left, right);

    Ive looked through the action listener too and i cant see any errors either:

    var myListener:Object = new Object();
    myListener.onKeyDown = function() {
    var keyCode = Key.getCode ();

    if (keyCode == ExtendedKey.SOFT1) {

    else if (keyCode == ExtendedKey.SOFT2) {

    Any suggestions to solve the issue will be very much appreciated!!

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    Re: softkeys not working


    couple of things.
    I always do the following:
    fscommand2("SetSoftKeys", "", "");
    You do not need to label the soft keys since you wan always fullscreen.

    second for the soft keys I always use the following:

    var SoftKeys:Object = new Object();
    SoftKeys.onKeyDown = function() {
    switch (Key.getCode()) {
    case ExtendedKey.SOFT1 :
    case ExtendedKey.SOFT2 :

    I think you are missing the last line, the addListener call


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    Re: softkeys not working

    Thanx your code worked!!

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