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    Protocol of the Nokia's remote debugger (+ general rant)


    I'm developing J2Me application and testing mostly on Symbian S60 3rd edition devices. Perhaps the greatest source of frustration is lack of proper debugging tools. I know of the remote debugger in Carbide.j (which is of unknown state anyway), but I just can't get it to install properly with any Eclipse.

    Unfortunately my guess is that it wouldn't probably work very well even if it installed.

    So is there a possibility that Nokia would publish specs for its remote debugging protocol (which doesn't seem to be at least the standard JDWP) or mention the standard it's using if it's based on one. This way the community could help in creating tools that work.

    I guess this won't greatly help my co-operation request, but I must state that practically all Nokia's development tools are really really sub-par (to put it nicely), except perhaps Maemo side.

    J2Me tools seem to be some unsupported, semi-hidden plugins for IDE versions released years ago and even after tracking the proper version, they usually just don't work. Only tool I've gotten to work from the J2Me SDK is the connectivity tool, which only starts up sometimes. The emulator won't even show on Eclipse on it's own and using EclipseMe, builds fail every time.

    Also the development platform section seems to suffer from very serious case of NIH-syndrome, as all the stuff seems to be as unstandard as possible and usually the only tools that Nokia provides works poorly at best, giving no sane choices for developers.

    All in all, I must say that for me it's utterly impossible to understand that corporation of Nokia's caliber can even manage to create such crappy software year after year. I've had the misfortune of trying to develop Symbian C++ for years, and its SDK is so bad it's ridiculous and a laughing stock of practically all programmers.

    I'm sorry for the harsh words, but I just got to get this out. And I'd really appreciate if somebody from Nokia could give a statement if they themselves understand this horrible state of affairs and if they are going to do something to fix it.
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