I thought this might be a good forum to cross-post an example I posted yesterday on the Python forum: how to make your web page/site (on phone browser) aware of your GPS position. This involves some AJAX trickery (and one extra host configured on your DNS server), and a very simple web server running on the phone.

Even if you don't set it up, you might look at the code, it's only ~50 lines of Python and another 50 lines of HTML/Javascript. Somewhat naturally it requires multitasking smartphone with Python support and location API. Good candidates are N82, N95 and E90 with recent firmware. (I've tested it only on E90.)

The big benefit here is making it possible to develop your actual "application" as a web site on the public Internet instead of implementing it all on phone software while still having location awareness.

The link: http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=124217

(And BTW, even de facto standardisation on Web+LBS front would be great to see.)