I have some problems downloading applet in the secure element of an unblocked 6131 NFC.

let's share what I did until now.

I used jcde (http://sourceforge.net/projects/eclipse-jcde/) to wrap the Java Card command into eclipse.

Then I generated the .cap file (with the convert tool of Java Card) to be downloaded in the SE of the Nokia.

finally I used GPShell 1.4.1 to donwload the .cap file.

card_connect -reader "OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0"
reader name OMNIKEY CardMan 5x21-CL 0
open_sc -security 3 -keyver 42 -mac_key 404142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F -enc_key 404142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F -kek_key 404142434445464748494A4B4C4D4E4F
--> 00CA006600
<-- 734A06072A864886FC6B01600C060A2A . . .
--> 80502A00084205594FCC09008D00
<-- 0000634230C1F5A801092A0200072ECCEBB6BA1 . . .
--> 848203001070BE0107B48A4B4DB507C7453CF51772
<-- 9000
install -file wallet.cap -priv 2
file name wallet.cap
--> 80E60200160B0102030405060708090201000006EF. . .
<-- 009000
--> 80E80000EFC4820412010035DECAFFED02020400010B0102030. . .
00E407AC00000000000002010004001502030107A0000000620 . . .
8900188F00023D0610088C00038701191E2529041E1604410441 . . .
<-- 6A80
load_applet() returns 0x80206A80 (6A80: Wrong data / Incorrect values in command data.)

I tried also to downlaod the sample HelloWorld applet that came with GPShell and I realized that I can download it without problem.
I didn't understand the problem with my applet.. could be a versioning problem?
The applet works well with the demo program.

Which kind of programs do you use to develop and deploy the applet?

please help