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    Exclamation Why Signing JAVA after all ?

    Imagine a personal computer where you are to click YES everytime you initiate a process that reads from the hard disk?

    Annoying ?

    Ah! Why this step of "security" has not been scrapped away by Nokia? An average user is not really bothered about such pseudo-threats. I want to run KD Player on my 5310 and it just keeps asking me to select that "ALLOW" button. I know it's a player, and not a virus, and in any case it's not a spartphone so why should I be bothered. Ok, I'm a human, I know what I'm doing, I know if anything goes wrong I'm responsible but some people just "believe" machine control surpasses human control.

    Why the mobile manufcturers so unsure about stability of their phone's software/hardware or is it their mutual cooperation with midlet signing authorities to extract some monetary help to get them going "anyhow".

    My simple request and question after all this, is, is there any way to "allow" the KD Player to read the data without ever asking me of course without wasting bucks on purchasing licences.


    Antrix Pans.

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    Re: Why Signing JAVA after all ?

    Thanks for your feedback.
    As you likely know, this is something related to the MIDP specification and not something special on Nokia devices. You could try to change the permission settings for that application to less restricted ones (check the Options menu while you are in the application menu) some of the APIs have less restrictive optional settings available.
    For more information see:


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    Re: Why Signing JAVA after all ?

    Thank you for your consideration hartti, but such opetions are next to having no options at all. In practice, as the link concludes

    "Note that unsigned applications will be restricted, and some options like "Always allowed" won't be accessible for them. Signed applications may be signed to allow this kind of options."

    So there is no solution for this overprotective "feature"?

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    Re: Why Signing JAVA after all ?

    In fact, there is no option to make some operations without a certificate altough you change the security of the application so a certificate is required to make some operations, if not, for example about the use of the net, you will need to reply all the time if you want to use the net at less one time. Regards

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