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    Question remove cba button from view through code

    all,i have made a resource which is used in many views.
    in some views i don't want to show some cba button like back.
    please anybody tellme how i can made this change without modifying my resource. can i make it through code.

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    Re: remove cba button from view through code

    You can search for CBA in the Wiki.

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    Re: remove cba button from view through code

    One way to do the things you want to do is like this

    You can create different CBA in the resource file. You can change the cba used at runtime.

    You can use

    CEikButtonGroupContainer* Cba = CEikButtonGroupContainer::Current();

    if(Cba != NULL)

    You can use whichever cba settings you want to use than R_AVKON_SOFTKEYS_OPTIONS_EXIT.

    I hope this helps in solving the problem.

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