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    How to export files in bld.inf to specific location?

    I have some test files I wish to move from my project folder to the epoc32 tree during the build process, so in my project's bld.inf have the following line:

    ../testdata/testdata.ini c:/testdata/config/testdata.ini

    When this is run it exports the file to:

    How can I get it to export it to
    /epoc32/winscw/c/testdata/config/testdata.ini instead?

    I've found if I do 'abld test export' the file gets exported to

    but if I do 'able test build winscw udeb' the file gets exported to

    Why is there a difference in behaviour between a pure export and an export done as part of a build?
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    Re: How to export files in bld.inf to specific location?

    if u want export any files during build

    use the following syntax in ur bld.inf





    Kishore K

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