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    2 questions on the N95 8GB...

    Hey there everyone.

    Please help! I recently got my Vodafone N95 8GB on the Vodacom network here in South Africa. I have 2 questions, one being a problem...

    1. My previous 2 phones were an N80 and the normal N95. When I went into Tools/Settings/Network I could choose between Dual mode, UMTS & GSM. On my N95 8GB I can only choose between Dual mode & GSM. I stay in an area where theres barely 3G signal, but I found that when I switch it to UMTS on my previous phones I could receive 3G speed. Now my best option is Dual mode and it only picks up Edge as the fastest speed. It does not pick up 3G.

    What I'd like to know is: Will a firmware upgrade add the UMTS option under Network settings?

    This brings me to my 2nd question:

    The 8GB version comes with a 2 year GPS license loaded in the Maps application when you update it. Will the firmware upgrade delete my 2 year subscription to GPS?

    Can anyone who had the same problem please give me advice on what to do? I'd really appreciate it a lot!

    Thank you in advance...

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    Re: 2 questions on the N95 8GB...

    Must be a Vodafone customzation thing. On a regular retail N95 8GB I have UMTS as an option.

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