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    VOIP RTP SDK query

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    ( created new thread in order to not to pollute the above thread)

    Quote Originally Posted by juhanak View Post
    - I think RTP Payload for DTMF Digits is not supported
    Can you elaborate more on this? Consider we just use RTP stack and has our own SIP stack and PBX Proxy Server, then it should be possilbe to send DTMF right having PT specific to DTMF.

    Also, Creating Receive or Transmit streams (CreateTransmitStreamL or CreateReceiveStreamL) requries payload type to be mentioned as parameters (TRcvStreamParams, TTranStreamParams). Do you mean that sending other payload types say DTMF on these streams may have some impact?

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    Re: VOIP RTP SDK query

    Sorry for unclear statement. Sure you can send DTMF as a payload data (RFC 4733). I just meant that there aren't any functions/classes that provides this functionality in RTP API so you need to implement it.
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