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    Problem with persisting data into the rms

    I am working on an application and i have to persist data into the phone's record store. I tested this module on several phones and emulators and on Nokia N73 the data is not persisted. Also when i run the module on the S60 emulator it just closes the application. If someone had this problem would he be so kind to tell me wat he has done?

    Could it be a problem that the midlet was not signed?


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    Re: Problem with persisting data into the rms

    RMS does not need signing. Are you sure you are closing the RMS properly?

    Also note that
    No locking operations are provided in this API. Record store implementations ensure that all individual record store operations are atomic, synchronous, and serialized, so no corruption will occur with multiple accesses. However, if a MIDlet uses multiple threads to access a record store, it is the MIDlet's responsibility to coordinate this access or unintended consequences may result.
    Could thsi be the case in your case?

    Have you tested some simple sample application, which you likely can found here


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    Re: Problem with persisting data into the rms

    I have tested only the persistence module. In a midlet i have created the RecordStore at first run and place "Hello World" there and exit. At second run the midlet recovers the string from the record store.

    The application i'm working on it opens the Record Store when it starts and closes it on exit. On exit i persist into the Record Store a serialized hash table only when i start the application again the data is not recovered

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