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    How to Find APIs by capablity ?

    We are trying to get our application Symbian signed, and the
    current bureaucratic obstacle is that our application, as it turns out from test house reject report, uses some capabilities that are not declared.
    We would gladly declare, except that we have no idea what API
    we use that require these capabilities,
    and it is required to specify both the capabilities that are
    being used(this we know, from test house report), and the API on which they are being used (this we don't know).
    Documentation is lacking and mostly useless, so we can't rely
    on it when searching through our application, as we discovered -
    we just couldn't find the APIs this way.
    What should we do ?
    should we declare just arbitrary APIs that match undeclared capabilities regardless of them actually being used, just to have our declaration consistent ?
    any other ideas ?
    Thank you very much.

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    Smile Re: How to Find APIs by capablity ?

    Use this link. Functions listed by capability. I guess/believe it is not up-to-date though you may find it useful. So double check it with following solution.

    Search for "EPOCWIND.OUT" on the Discussion board and in the SDK help. This is the approach i would recommend.


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    Re: How to Find APIs by capablity ?

    First, the SDK help contains the information from the link provided by kiran10182. Just search for a class, method or capability and then look for some search result containing "doxygen" in the title.

    You should not even think about submitting an application to Symbian signed if the application was not tested on the device. Applications which do not declare the capabilities used will either fail to run, leave with a -46 error when attempting to call protected APIs (translated into a nice permission denied message) or prompt the user with some annoying confirmation messages.

    Which one is your scenario?
    -- Lucian

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