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    7210 -> PC images transfer

    Who can tell me how to transfer an image from 7210 to my PC with IR link? I have installed the new PC suite 5.0 but there is no way to
    transfer images or ringtones from 7210 to PC. We have to send MMS
    messages and have to pay the provider for this feature (if even possible!). I have bought the HS-1C camera, but all images are stuck
    in the cell phone!!! Thanks in advance.

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    RE: 7210 -> PC images transfer

    I cant help you, but i am here to let you know, you are not the only ones. I too have come in search of how to do this. It must be able to do it as they are stored as a jpg which cant be hard for a piece of software to download. Anyway, i am off to find the answer out. If you find it before me, let me know. Email me at nokforum@mkinch.fslife.co.uk (leave your email and i will email you if i get the answer).
    By the way i love my 7210, and will be gutted if i cant download a piccy to my PC.

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