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    what can I do? about certificate

    In 2007-11-22, I asked a development ceitificate(without publisher ID) for IMEI 3583xxxxxxxxx which belongs to my Nokia N80,so I have this development certificate with ID 1443037. But now I have a publisher ID, I want to use this publisher ID to ask another open signed offline certificate for IMEI 3583xxxxxxxx (my Nokia N80 mobile), while the website(www.symbiansigned.com) told me that "Your request has failed. Reason:Only one IMEI allowed in certificate request" when I tried that.
    So I cannot have a new certificate with my new perchased publisher ID. Would annyone please help me to delete my development certificate(ID 1443037)? so I can request a new certificate with my publisher ID.
    I really need that. Thank you very much!!
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    Re: what can I do? about certificate

    There should be no connection between two certificate requests that you make specifying the same IMEI. Looks for some other possible mistake in your request and if still unsuccessful please contact Symbian Signed directly.

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