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    edit video metadata

    I am new in java world.Now in my application i want to get a video from the camera then edit the video file metadata using jsr-135 and jsr-234.I want to ask whether the jsr-135 and jsr-234 support these functions.If so,can the nokia s60 phones support the appliaction.
    I am also confused about the symbian certification.If i am just for personal use,need i do the symbian and java certification? What will happen if i don't do the certification?If i have to,what should i do first now?
    I hope someone can help me with my confusions,Thank you in advance!

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    Re: edit video metadata

    Hello yeliya,

    and welcome to the Wonderful World of Java! I hope I can provide some answers to your questions.

    Regarding metadata:
    MetaDataControl has been officially supported with Nokia phones starting from S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 1. More about in Forum Nokia JavaTM ME Developers Library:


    Related Nokia devices: http://www.forum.nokia.com/devices/m...3ed_fp1_1.html

    Regarding certification and Mobile Java: since you are developing MIDlets for your personal use, signing is not required to be done in most cases. The idea of signing MIDlets, I quote this piece from an article from Forum Nokia Wiki:

    "Accessing certain method calls and APIs from MIDlets has some restrictions. It is possible that in those cases the user will get prompted for confirmation to allow the certain method call or the access might be blocked altogether, which will result SecurityException to be thrown.

    Making these prompts to appear less frequently requires the developer to sign the MIDlet (and the user to manually change the API access settings). Only signing to operator or manufacturer domain will remove the prompts completely, although this requires really close collaboration with those parties."


    Other signing and certification articles in Forum Nokia Wiki:


    In case you need more information regarding Symbian C++ and signing/other security issues, you can post your questions here:


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