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    Question Nokia 6131 as an ISO14443 tag UID & PUPI

    I have an existing building access control application which can read ISO14443A tags, and would like to experiment with the Nokia 6131 acting as a card emulator.

    Can anyone point me to documentation on the UID format used by the 6131? In my application I never download any secure element, the application is very simple, reading the UID only. All the "card" need provide is a unique serial number, this is remembered on the server side, and then the same unique serial number must be presented on return. Can the 6131 do this?

    I have seen

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    Re: Nokia 6131 as an ISO14443 tag UID & PUPI

    You don't have to do anything special to "turn" the phone into/make it act like a card. If you place the phone in an external reader, it will be detected as a java smart card and you can use it accordingly.

    For more information regarding the communication between an external reader and the phone, you might find the following thread helpful:

    Nokia 6131 NFC (JSR 257) reader phone communication

    I hope this answers your question.
    as Raluca_ said, if you just want to read the UID, just turn on (under NFC -> Activation Level) and let your reader send a select command.

    The UID will be read as wrote in the 14443 standard.

    You do not need any application in the Nokia 6131.


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