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    Smile Laptop on Internet with E65 WiFi connection

    Hi everyone!

    I have an E65, a laptop, and a WiFi connection to my ADSL line.
    Someone can tell me if it is possible connect my laptop on Internet using the WiFi connection of my E65?

    Tanks for any suggestion.

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    Re: Laptop on Internet with E65 WiFi connection

    This use case is not supported at the moment.
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    Question Internet on Laptop with N78 WiFi connection using BT or USB

    I'd like to know if it's possible to develop such a solution, because I'm in the same need: my laptop's wifi card is damaged but the bt module still works, and I own a N78 with wifi capabilities, what's more, its range surpasses those of many other devices I've worked with.


    Leonardo Zuniga S.

    P.S. Same question for the connection using the usb cable, It really doesnt matter the way of connecting the cell to the pc, but what I'd like to know is if there are the libraries for programming such a solution.

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