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    Question Regarding installing application on S60

    I am working on the Symbian drivers and application for BT and FM components.

    >Requirement - we are making an automated test setup to run on S60 link as well as the s60 3rd edition phones.
    >Design - to port a symbian application consiting of one exe and several dlls with exported functions. The exe will load the required dll at run time and once the purpose is solved the dll will be removed from the loaded region.
    >So there are more than one components that will need to get a go ahead from the security module of S60/Symbian.
    >How do we get the private keys , which tools to be used for signing ?
    >What secure ids to be put In the separate exe and dll mmps. ?
    >Please suggest a solution ? >

    Can anyone tell us options for "Createsis" tool to generate SIS installable package, OR

    createsis create [pkg file] is enough??? And what should be the passphrase.

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    Re: Regarding installing application on S60

    Depending on your project's needs the certificate used for signing your prototype applications could be self-generated or obtained from symbiansigned.com

    createsis (or makekeys) can be used to generate self-certificates. A tool for creating developer certificate requests is available at symbiansigned.com.
    -- Lucian

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