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    Protected UIDs with developer certificate problem

    I have an application which uses the following capabilities:

    ReadUserData, WriteUserData, NetworkServices, ReadDeviceData, WriteDeviceData

    I have tested my application using UIDs from the unprotected range and all of the functionality I need which requires ReadDeviceData and WriteDeviceData works ok.

    I have now changed the UIDs to those in the protected range. I have signed my sis file with my developer certificate (which covers all of the capabilities listed above) and when I try to use features which require ReadDeviceData and/or WriteDeviceData I get an error message "File cannot be executed for security reasons".

    Am I right in thinking that the combination of protected UIDs and developer certificate does not allow me to make use of features which require ReadDeviceData and WriteDeviceData because they are not amoung the user capabilities? Or could the problem be something else?

    In advance: thanks for your help.

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    Re: Protected UIDs with developer certificate problem

    the problem is something else. Basically you should re-check teh required capabilities for the functionality you are trying to use, as well as that your process really has the capability.

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