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    Network config differences S40 / S60

    I've been getting to grips with how the Nokia handsets deal
    with Network access point config for GPRS/network access.

    To summarise my findings today.

    1. For S60 handset (E60, for example)
    a. I hard rebooted the unit to factory restore its settings.
    b. I powered it up and verified that no network profiles
    were present on the unit.
    c. I removed battery and put my Vodafone Ireland SIM card
    into the unit and repowered the handset
    d. I found that the unit now had my Vodafone access point
    settings for ISP/Vodafone Live/Vodafone SMS/Streaming
    present with no manual configuration of same.

    First question: How did the handset retrieve those settings?
    Do S60 handsets have the ability to read network config from
    the SIM card ? Might it have gleaned the settings over-the-air?
    eg, via OMA client provisioning method?

    2. For an S40 handset

    a. Not possible to factory reset
    b. Powered up with my Irish Vodafone SIM (same one as above)
    c. The handset didn't appear to glean any network settings
    from the presence of my SIM card.
    d. In order to get internet/data access I needed to go
    through a reasonably convoluted process of setting up
    personal config settings for gprs/web with bearer
    settings,etc and then activate it and enable it as the
    default network config profile for all apps.

    Is there a fundamental difference between the way S60 and S40
    handsets are capable of autoconfiguring (or not) user settings.
    The S60 user experience was best because it appears my network settings got seamlessly carried over with my SIM card. The S40 user experience was poorer.

    I know this isn't a Java query per se but I need to understand
    the user experience in order to know how best to understand
    how our app (which assumes prior network configuration has been
    done to enable outbound http connections to a server we host)
    will behave in the real world.


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    Re: Network config differences S40 / S60

    Hi Ian,

    Yes, you are correct: currently only S60 devices are capable of auto-configuring themselves by reading the access point data from the SIM card, which makes the configuration as easy as simply putting the SIM card and booting the phone.

    For S40 devices the process is a bit more complicated, as you could see, as there are different settings (for Web, Access Point, MMS, E-mail, etc.) configured from different sources, most manually or from factory.

    I don't know if there are plans to make configuration seamless on S40 too, but I think it's a natural step from what we have now. Nevertheless, both S40 and S60 can be easily configured by Nokia Phone Settings application, available at: https://nokiags.wdsglobal.com/standa...LanguageId=118


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    Re: Network config differences S40 / S60


    Many thanks for your informative and speedy reply.
    The link to the Nokia Phone Configurator service is
    very useful.

    thanks again

    One further question. On S60 handsets it seems that midlets
    which request a network connection will ask the user to
    choose the appropriate access point from a list (if more than
    one access point is available). Is it possible within the
    menus (or otherwise) to pin down a default access point so
    that the user isn't encumbered with that choice every
    time they run the app ?


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    Re: Network config differences S40 / S60

    Generally on S60 devices the user always selects the AP.
    S60 3rd Edition FP1 phones include a default access point selection menu in the Application Manager (press the middle softkey and choose "Open")


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