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    Smile Unable install the applications in N72, getting error


    I am using N72 from past 1 and half years and never had problems

    Now, I am unable to install the any .sis applications and it throws error
    Security Error.
    unable to install."

    What needs to be done for this? How to rectify this problem?

    I upgraded my phone software last July 2007 through online.But had no problem since that time. Observed this recently when I saw a good theme. Earlier softwares and applications and all are working fine.

    Any info I am missing to give to you, plz do let me know.

    I ll be waiting for ur reply.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Unable install the applications in N72, getting error

    My suggestion:
    Check in the Application Manager (a program which can be found in Tools folder, although I am not sure of the location on N72) that the Application is allowed for all applications. Not only for Signed apps.


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