Hi everybody,

recently I thought about the implementation of a 2D user interface library via the mobile 3d library (jsr 184). The thing that troubled me the most was drawing text. How does one draw text onto a rectangle except using a texture? Textures must have power of two widths so a label that fits the entire screen of a N93 would require a 256x512px texture which could quickly become a memory issue. Another approach would be using Sprite3Ds which are (AFAIK) not limited to power of two dimensions but then you'd lose the alpha blending feature, right?
Does anybody have another idea how text could be handled with Jsr-184?
Oh, the benefits of using 184 are IMO:
1. Speed - you have scenes with about 50 colored polygones that should render quickly, esp. when hardware accelleration
2. Alpha blending
3. Animation

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