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    Wap Push URLs and security

    I am currently setting up a shop for J2ME games. My idea is to send a wap push with an url to the .JAD file. Very simple. So my question is: Is there any way that i can protect the files from being downloaded moree than once? Or maybe the receiver forwards the wap push to another. Can i write anything in the header of the wap push to protect my files from being downloaded to others than the receivers phonenumber?
    I have systems for our MMS services where we create a folder and put in files, and after the user has collected the content, we delete the folder after 5 hours. But i cannot do that for our java games, so i need some kind of protection, and mostly preffered would be in the header of the wappush.

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    RE: Wap Push URLs and security


    At least in Nokia phones it is not possible to forward the Push messages. Push messages go under WAP browser folder "Service Inbox" and only options there are "Retrieve", "Details" and "Delete".

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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    Do you have any step-by-step tutorial website which to guide us how to send a SI/SL/MPC ?

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