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Thread: Feature pack 1?

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    Feature pack 1?

    Hi fellow Nokians!! I noticed that the S60 V3 now comes with the words FEATURE PACK 1. What's the difference when a phone runs on S60 V3 with Feature Pack 1 installed? Am currently using N73 which runs on S60 V3, am planning to switch it to N82 which runs on S60 V3 Feature Pack 1.. Hope you guys can share with me the details so I can decide if it's worth upgrading my phone. Thanks and more power!!!

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    Re: Feature pack 1?

    There are differences. But it depends if you will see them unless looking closely
    If you are a Java Developer, you will see some additional APIs
    If you are a Flash Lite developer, the FL on those devices is FL 2.0 instead of FL 1.1
    There is only one browser which supports both WAP and Web (3rd Edition phones have separate browsers for WAP and Web)
    Note also that there are differencies between phones from same platform releases (like amount of memory, pre-installed apps and so on)

    see also here


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