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    Accessing network info from Java and location based info in Australia

    I have thus far been unable to find any information on retrieving network data through Java. I am interested in accessing Cell-ID's (CID), Receive Levels (RxL) Timing Advance (TA) and Cell Info (Which gives a rough indication of which suburb you are in. All this information can be accessed through NetMonitor, but i was looking to be able to access this info through Java. Obivously this is for basic location based services.

    While I am posting, if anyone knows anything about the location servers in Australia (ie for using the LCS API), especially for Optus, I would be extremely greatful for any information. I can't seem to be able to speak to anyone half intelligent at Optus to find out myself.


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    RE: Accessing network info from Java and location based info in Australia


    The information you request can't be accessed from Java. Knowing Cell-ID and other information wouldn't be of much use if you don't know the exact geographical location of the base station (or actually three base stations). Moreover, the location calculations (triangulation) are fairly complicated and might overwhelm the capabilities of a phone.

    Thus only a server based or server assisted solution is viable. Nokia mPosition location calculation service uses standard LIF (Location Interoperability Forum) version 1.1 HTTP requests for serving location information to applications.

    If I'm not mistaken, Nokia has sold mPosition for Legacy phones LCS server package to at least one Australian operator, maybe Optus. You should ask them if and when they will unveil location based services and if they will open it to outside applications (for a fee). There are thorny privacy issues involved, so don't hold your breath while waiting for it.

    There are few such services already available here in Europe, some of them are open to outside applications, some are not.


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