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    Question Clarification on encoding for m-notification-ind message (MMS notification)

    I'm trying to use kannel (specifically the test_ppg portion of it) to send out m-notification-ind messages to phones, that is, I am trying to send MMS notifications. I am not trying to have kannel act as an MMSC, but simply I am trying to get kannel to send out the notifications (which are, as I understand it, simply WAP push messages with an MMS header?)

    I have tried various combinations of things to get it to work, but all have failed.

    My current MMS header looks like this:


    Which I have been led to believe encodes the following:
    8c82 => X-Mms-Message-Type: m-notification-ind
    983132333400 => X-Mms-Transaction-Id: 1234
    8D90 => X-Mms-Version: 1.0
    8A80 => X-Mms-Message-Class: Personal
    8E02FFFF => X-Mms-Message-Size: 65535 Bytes
    88058103015180 => X-Mms-Message-Expiry: 24 hrs; type = relative
    83687474703A2F2F666F6F2E636F6D2F6261722E6D6D7300 => X-Mms-Content-Location: http://foo.com/bar.mms

    One phone I have actually loads this as a picture message, but refuses to open it, most phones never even hit the web-server hosting the MMS message (hence why I don't need the MMSC, I'm just SENDING MMS message notifications with kannel, the messages are hosted on a regular website)

    Thank you all for any insight into this, it's been troubling me for weeks...

    I realize that I have specified that I am using kannel, but this is, I assume, a more general issue with my encoding (I did it by hand, but if there is a better way, by all means, I'd love to see it)

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    Re: Clarification on encoding for m-notification-ind message (MMS notification)


    Have you been able to send mms notify using kannel? I'm trying to do it whith mobile connected by bluetooth to kannel, however I've successfully send only wap-push messages. MMS notifications is unsuccessfull :-(

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