I'm trying to use kannel (specifically the test_ppg portion of it) to send out m-notification-ind messages to phones, that is, I am trying to send MMS notifications. I am not trying to have kannel act as an MMSC, but simply I am trying to get kannel to send out the notifications (which are, as I understand it, simply WAP push messages with an MMS header?)

I have tried various combinations of things to get it to work, but all have failed.

My current MMS header looks like this:


Which I have been led to believe encodes the following:
8c82 => X-Mms-Message-Type: m-notification-ind
983132333400 => X-Mms-Transaction-Id: 1234
8D90 => X-Mms-Version: 1.0
8A80 => X-Mms-Message-Class: Personal
8E02FFFF => X-Mms-Message-Size: 65535 Bytes
88058103015180 => X-Mms-Message-Expiry: 24 hrs; type = relative
83687474703A2F2F666F6F2E636F6D2F6261722E6D6D7300 => X-Mms-Content-Location: http://foo.com/bar.mms

One phone I have actually loads this as a picture message, but refuses to open it, most phones never even hit the web-server hosting the MMS message (hence why I don't need the MMSC, I'm just SENDING MMS message notifications with kannel, the messages are hosted on a regular website)

Thank you all for any insight into this, it's been troubling me for weeks...

I realize that I have specified that I am using kannel, but this is, I assume, a more general issue with my encoding (I did it by hand, but if there is a better way, by all means, I'd love to see it)