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    Main rules in XHTML MPsyntax

    What makes the XHTML Mobile Profile well-formed?

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    RE: Main rules in XHTML Basic syntax

    XHTML MP strictly enforces the rules for well-formed, valid XML (Extensible Markup Language). A well-formed XML document conforms to all the rules for XML syntax. Main rules are:

    - Every document must have an identifying XML header that is written properly
    - Tag and attribute names must be written in lower case
    - Elements must nest, no overlapping (one defined first, closed first)
    - Non-empty elements must be closed (e.g. <p> tag to separate paragraphs)
    - Empty elements must be terminated (tags without a closing tag, e.g. <br /&gt
    - Attribute values must be quoted ("&quot
    - Attribute value pairs can not be minimized (stand-alone attributes must be expanded, e.g. <ul compact="compact"&gt

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