I want to download content (i.e. Ringtones, wallpapers, MP3 files etc.) from server to Mobile. User will give WAP request for the same. I want to download it either as a single part or MultiPart. I have following questions.

How server will know the capabilites of Client? i.e. Maximum number of bytes it can handle at a time. Based on this I want to either download content fully or in MultiPart.

In case of MultiPart download, whether it will be a single request (GET request) or multiple GET requests?

In case of Mulitple GET request, whether cilent will be responsible for multiple request or server has to manage it?

For above case how "Range" parameter of HTTP 1.1 will help me? Who has to set the "Range" parameter either Client or Server?

After sucessful download I want to chare the user for the same
Thanks in advance.