Hi all,

So recently I started to experiment with flash lite 2 since I got a new mobile that supported it.
I wanted to create an swf app that would load data from my webserver into the flash app using the SWX format (http://swxformat.org/) which seems to be the most compatible remote acces method for mobile flash development.

When I compile my flash file and run it in device central, everything works as planned but when I load it onto my mobile it seems to malfunction somewhere.

When I start the flash file, the system asks me if I want to allow network access. Of course I press the yes button.
Ok, great so far. I see this little G icon popping up and flashing so I know for sure that there it establishes a connection. However, after a couple of seconds the icon disappears (apparently it has stopped retrieving information from the web) and nothing happens (no result event, no error event, just nothing)

So I was just wondering if anyone has had the same problem. Or have an idea of what I'm doing wrong.