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    Opening python from python


    I am trying to open python from python. I want to do this because of some of the short comings of the non UI threads not being able to use the appuifw library. So my solution would be to open launch a new python to display the answer to the user from this non UI thread.

    I am using a N95.

    I imagine its something like this:


    Were E:\\appuifw-thread.py is a file I just generated that is to be launched ...

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Opening python from python

    Hi federico2929,

    Did you get this to work?

    I am dealing with the same problem and thought of a similar solution. However when I run the script that should fire up the appuifw script nothing happens not even a nice error message.

    If you found any solution it would be nice to know.

    Kindest regards,

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