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    Modify project template, how???


    I've got Carbide.C++ 1.2.2 (build 5) and are wondering how to modify those existing project templates for creating S60 projects. So the projects I create get more customized to what I want. So I don't need to spend hours modifying the code generated by for example "3rd Ed GUI Application" template...

    I've been searching throught the web and didn't find anything about this... or maybe I just used the wrong keywords

    any suggestions on how to modify project templates? any links?

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    Re: Modify project template, how???

    What about this solution
    Could this workaround do? To me it sounds easier than modifying the project templates:

    Lets say if I create an app which contain all the basics I want in all my apps I want to develop. Then I take a copy of this folder and store at an safe place where it cannot be modifyed. When I want to create an new app I just copy this folder into the workspace and import it.. Then I rename the app from Carbide.C++... so I can copy the app to the workspace again...

    Would this workaround do? Any pitfalls? How to avoid those pitfalls?

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    Re: Modify project template, how???

    Customizing the project template is quite straightforward. Just go to this folder of your Carbide.c++ installation, \carbide\plugins\com.nokia.cdt.templates_1.2.2.5. Browse to the project template that you want to modify. All files are easy to modify because they just normal text file.
    Antony Pranata

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