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    Exclamation How to sign a SIS file with Self-Sign Certificate

    Hey all! I followed all the steps on the wiki article, but it doesn't work. I have created a .sis package, but have no idea how to sign it at all. I need help from somebody who has the patience to tell me exactly what to do.


    And your help will be greatly appreciated by me!

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    Re: How to sign a SIS file with Self-Sign Certificate

    The related Wiki-page (http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.ph...gn_Certificate) seems to be correct.
    If you have HelloWorld.sis in the current directory (you write that you have created the .sis), you should type
    makekeys -cert -dname "CN=kathyleong OU=home" test.key test.cert"
    into the command prompt, which will create test.key and test.cert (you have to help the random generator via moving the mouse vertically and/or typing random keypresses), then
    signsis HelloWorld.sis HelloWorld.sisx test.cert test.key
    signs the .sis file.
    Also note that if you have built the .sis file with Carbide, it is usually already signed.

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