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    MM Services on 9210

    Hello, i'm developing an MMS client for Nokia 9210 but i heard the phone does NOT support WAP Push method... is that true? If true, can it be implemented? It seems the thecnology is supported by 9210i so it should be a software problem. If it cannot be implemented, is there any other way to recieve an "M-Notification.ind" with communicator? Let me know please.
    Any suggestion is appreciated.
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    RE: MM Services on 9210


    Neither Nokia 9210 Communicator or Nokia 9210i Communicator support WAP Push. WAP Push messages come to certain HTTP port and the communicator does not listen that port, so at least I don't know how an MMS client could be implemented to Nokia Communicators. You can try and place your question to the Symbian section, if they have better information and prove me wrong.

    sannah/Forum Nokia Developer Support

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