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    Chat example + UI designer

    I need an application which would connect and transfer some text over bluetooth. And the Chat example is just the thing i need. But i have a problem. I am trying to combine functions from Chat example with UI designer project (I've copied all the necessary files to the UI project...i think).
    Now here's the thing. When i try to run the application on emulator, it works like this...when i select Connect (over bluetooth) from my menu, I get the following dialog:
    "Bluettoth is currently switched off. Switch on? --> Yes / No
    And this is ok. So i made a .sis file and installed the application on phone.
    When i try to run it on phone and select Connect again, i get a message: "Bluetooth unavailable"... (The original Chat example works great on telephone. )
    So...does anyone know where I am going with this? Please, if there is something else you need to know in order to help me, just ask me and i will give you more information about the "project".

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    Question Re: Chat example + UI designer

    Hi ,

    I am also trying to run chat application in symbian s60 3rd edition emulator, I want to connect it with gtalk server, but I do not know how to proceed.

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